The brothers Johan and Wil Boonen both became infected by the pigeon bacillus at an early age. At home everything revolved around the pigeon sport. Father Loet started with the pigeon sport in 1955 and is over 40 years the chairman of our association P.d.v. “Tot Ziens” in Neer (the Netherlands).


Johan, born in 1971, is a member of this association since he was only 9 years old. In the early years Johan was active as a youth member.

His brother Wil, born in 1966, became a member in 1985.

After the membership of Wil, the family decided to compete under the name “L. Boonen & Zonen” (L. Boonen & Sons). It is in this period that the foundation was laid for the current Fond colony.


A large step was made by the purchasing of the pigeons in 1985 of Jan Cobben from Nuth, the Netherlands. Every year several descendants moved to L. Boonen & Zonen in Neer.

Later on the also pigeons of Jan Theelen were acquired, either directly or via Gebr. van Doorn from Someren. This last party also owned the pigeons of Gebr. Kuypers from Neer, which in this manner are integrated into our tribe.

Furthermore are some of the descendants of Gebr. Kuypers through late Sef Gereadts from Geleen added to our tribe. Also were several pigeons of de Keijser & Zn form Hansweert added to our colony.


In 2005 Wil decided to move Buggenum en continue the pigeon sport in his own name. Followed in 2009 by Johan, who also moved to Buggenum to continue this sport on his own title.

It is in this period that the friendship with Comb. H. Nijs & Zn became such shape, that yearly several of the pigeons move from one side to the other.

The pigeons of the Fond player Pe Schoeren from Reuver, with their roots at Theelen, were also joined with the Boonen tribe.


For the future to compete in international races, pigeons are acquired at:

H. van Wegberg & Zn, Echt (The Netherlands)

Ton Vorselen, Thorn (The Netherlands)

Combination Nouwen – Paesen & Zn, Peer (Belgium)


















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